Opening Reception,

Saturday, October 26th from 6 to 9 pm

This show was a requirement for my Graduate Critique class with Gregory Ruppe The goal was to coordinate a group show from concept to reception with eight other very busy MFA graduates. This show was also my first exhibition of me exploring a new body of work that utilized living plants in a space.

Doug Land.
Leaky AC Pipe Over Moss Mound, Doug Land.

I exhibited two works: a dripping pipe over a pile of moss, and a vase of flowers that could be taken away one by one until there were none left.

With this student-run art show being a requirement for a class, and with none of us being associated with any traditional white cube gallery, my class and I decided to go in a humorous self-deprecating theme for our show. We wrote a fake review of our own show, and sent it to members of the art writing community.

Press Release Email:

Hello Arts Writer,

As a member of the press, you are inundated with press releases on mediocre shows, and really you don’t have the time to write a review on every meager attempt to make art.

So I wish to save you the effort of trying to find an Uber driver that will take you into West Dallas, by writing our own negative art review.

Here’s an excerpt:”How many grad students does it take to put on a decent exhibition? Today I have discovered that 8 is not the answer.

“With In Good Taste, 1st and 3rd year MFA candidates manage to put together the most unredeemable shit-show my eyes have ever witnessed. It took every last one of them to reach a level of stink that is worse than the sum of its parts; mind you, the “talent” featured in this exhibition is pretty offensive at an individual level too. Thank goodness for free beer.”

In Good Taste, unveils on Saturday, October 25th, from 6 to 9 pm

This event is BYOB, so if you were planning on forgetting this show with copious amounts of gallery-grade wine, then you better bring your own two-buck chuck from Trader Joes.

Doug Land. (TCU 1st year Sculpture Graduate)

In Good Taste – Fake Review (This is a roast of our own work)

In Good Taste is a curated show featuring works by eight artist as they each explore their own spirit of aesthetic and material aspects of objects in a one night only event.”

This one night only event features work by,
Francisco Alvarado ~ Fernando Alvarez ~ Dario Bucheli ~ Sierra Forester ~ Doug Land. ~ Hector Ramirez ~ Corrie Thompson ~ Adrianna Touch


Here are some images of other works in this group art show.