Doug Land. (Homo plantenfloras) is a tall species of botanical nerd operating in the ecological art biome, a sub-family of the contemporary sculpture family. Subsisting on a diet of ramen, arugula, and stinky produce, this genus occurs throughout most of the Southern United States, and into mountainous terrain; except when frost is present. This species is unique for its ability to repel mosquitoes while wandering in open terrain.



My artistic practice is dedicated at a singular goal, “Forest as a Sculpture”. The purpose of this  goal is to show the (Art) World that a living, thriving, forest, can be made from the same deliberate acts that create traditional art sculptures. The purpose of this goal is to share the value of life around us, as it is also being eradicated by us. 

Ask the Dodo who is more rare, and which is more valuable: a painting by Di Vinci or itself?

At this point in my practice, I am exploring the microclimates that pop up in cracks and crevices of human-engineered habitats. What plants survive in our shadow? What animals are able to live amongst us and yet are ignored by us? Can these colonies of wildlife be expanded upon, to create new ecosystems? How much purposeful engineering is required to maintain Nature in its current place? What is the cost of our unchecked expansion into nature’s realm?

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