Doug Land. was raised in the woods south of Dallas. He received a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and is currently working on his MFA at Texas Christian University. Gardening was once a youthful pastime spent with his grandmother, but as greenspaces have become more rare Land. felt a strong need to cultivate art in conversation with the outdoor experience. Working with living plants, natural materials, and sustainable practices, Land. shares his experiences with nature so that other people may develop their own practice, urban farm, or tranquil reflective spaces.



Doug Land.’s art practice unpacks the uncomfortable exploration of melancholy experiences through the lens of gardening. “For me, the act of gardening is a devotional challenge, forcing me to confront notions of beauty, wealth, class, even death. Using the garden as my muse, allows me to present the bitter truths of my introspections in pleasant, but ultimately ruining forms. Building site-specific installations, both indoors and outdoors, I highlight our strange sense of societal values tied to our codependent relationship with Nature.”

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