Doug Land. was raised in the woods south of Dallas. He received a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and is currently working on a MFA at Texas Christian University. Gardening was once a youthful pastime spent with his grandmother, but as greenspaces have become more rare, Land. felt a strong need to cultivate art in conversation with the outdoor experience. Working with living plants, natural materials, and sustainable practices, Land. shared his experiences with nature so that other people may develop their own practice, urban farm or tranquil reflective spaces.


Doug Land. is an artist and gardener, based in the suburbs of south Dallas, TX. He continuously questions the role of the Artist and the role of the Audience; often finding that not every audience is human, and not every artwork needs a pedestal. As a gardner, Land. works with communities, teaching sustainable organic gardening practices, while developing resilient microclimates within our fractured ecosystems. These seemingly separate practices combine into installations that are plant-centric. Forms grow and decay. Endlessly returning to the soil, endlessly renewed.

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