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Seed Sale & Art Installation

Get Directions to this Seed Sale Check out the Dallas Observer article about Terrain Dallas and my Front Yard Museum Glasstire’s Top Five, “What are Artist’s Listening to Right Now” (the install and my weird music tastes are both mentioned)

10 Audiobooks to listen to while you pull weeds

“Socially Distant in Sunlight” While many of us contemplate our own spectrum of introversion during this pandemic crisis. I would encourage you to go outside (weather permitting) and pull some weeds. Normally I wouldn’t encourage human-on-plant violence, but I hate grass (my ...

She Don’t Need No Man! Miss Independent Bees

or …She needs a man for procreation, but she doesn’t want him living with her, junking up her hive. I used to only believe that there were only a few types of bees. Honey bees, Africanized bees, and these small metallic bees that bathed in the sex juice of one of my orchids. It was ...

To Rake or Not to Rake

I was recently asked at a party, whether to rake the leaves off a lawn, or leave them on through the winter. My first thought was that I stumbled into a booby trap about aesthetics vs. sustainability. Then I thought that this might be a great time to talk about the history of lawns in ...