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What I plan to make in Grad School.

For context, I have to give a presentation during my orientation to grad school at TCU. The following quotes are from the orientation letter for on coming grad students. Please note that all new and returning MFAs are required to give a 3-5 minute informal presentation with no more than 3-5 ...
Potting table with miscelanous terracotta pots

Ju-lyin with more Ollas

Last month In my previous email newsletter, I introduced you to “olla pots.” This ancient watering technique dates back some 4000 years to North Africa and China, link. There are several DIY versions that you can try and even some pre-fab window ledge versions, here. If you need instruction on ...
Clay Terracotta pots on a stone bench

All about Ollas!

THIS SUMMER IS GOING TO BURN!!! . . . like it does every year Every year I respond to the summer heat by watering more; sometimes watering twice a day, every day. Typically I run 500 feet of soaker hoses across the yard. However, after last year’s $SCARY$ water bill, I’ve been ...


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